Illustrated Maps

Illustrative 3-Dimensional Perspective Map Services: 3D Maps

Birds eye view 3D illustrated map

Illustrated maps are works of art created almost completely by hand. To create the illustrated map, an artist sits at a drafting table with reference materials, pencils and ink to sketch in the concepts and reference points. The footprint created is them blended with electronic watercolor-based painting techniques. By blending pencil, ink and electronic techniques, the map illustrator is able to incorporate the richness of traditional hand-rendering paired with unique state-of-the-art digital techniques.

As the original hand drawings or illustrations are incorporated into the technology, they are created in layers and groups within the software. The ability to group and sort the illustrative maps means the map can be modified, altered, updated and even segmented to address specific client needs both now and into the future as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What materials are required by a client to start the design process?

In order to create a fully illustrated 2D or 3D map, clients must provide several key pieces of information crucial to the design process:

  • A high-quality site plan must show the buildings and identity to be included in the design.

  • Photographs of a high quality or renderings of buildings that are to be drawn into the map are required. Photos should be taken from the ground level, but feature the direction of a bird’s eye view. The more interactive a map is to become, the higher the quality of images that must be provided.

  • A long-range plan or estimate of graphic needs including the need for various layers, groups and colors.

  • The design and format of the end product. The finished product can only be delivered when instructions exist as to its nature. In addition to these and possibly other client-provided materials, Illustrative Maps will also use several satellite imagery resources as well as other mapping resources to create the completed materials.

What are the delivered materials at the end of the project?

Deliverables from Illustrative Maps include finished artwork of both 3D and 2D map products in a high-resolution, layer-rich Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator file. It is possible that both types of files will be delivered. Even though the illustrated maps are created initially by hand, they are fully developed using software which makes them generally editable to better serve long-term client needs.

Being able to edit the maps rather than create a new version when the need arises makes our map illustrations an especially appealing long term investment. When a new building is added or a special request for a building’s image is required, change is simple. Using the layers and segments created in the design process, we can update or create more isolated images in a matter of days – not weeks or months. The new images will be absolutely consistent with existing viewpoints, colors and textures.

Who owns the copyright for completed artwork?

Usage rights granted for the artwork are specified in each client contract, and the rights may be different in terms of their volume, term duration, products covered, etc. Usage fees are included in the total contract fees. Once the contract fees are agreed to by both parties, they must be paid in full in order for the granted usage rights to go into effect.

It is important to note that Illustrative Maps retains the copyright as well as the right to use the artwork for promotion purposes. Our marketing is, in effect, a showcase of our clients as well as a means to demonstrate our abilities, range and available products.

What are the costs associated with 3D maps?

The total cost of developing a fully illustrated product range – both 2D map and 3d elements - directly related to the number of elements contained in the map itself. The number of buildings and other facilities or elements such as gardens, streets, fountains or playing fields that are to be included in the finished product will dictate the estimate and cost of the finished product.

The scope of the project, including the many developments from the initial design will also determine a fully comprehensive budget arrangement. We are able to accommodate a wide range of product scope thanks to the use of 100% digital methodologies. Thanks to the use of electronic design elements, our clients acquire working and long-term assets that are efficient and reasonably priced.

Finally, all clients work with the principal artist, Maria Rabinky. Ms. Rabinky is efficient and uniquely talented map illustrator to create lasting art in a timely manner, keeping projects on track and client budgets intact.