Illustrated Maps

Cityscape Art Offers Unique Perspectives to Traditional Maps

Looking down over a city is astonishing – why else would we all rush to the windows to look down from an airplane? An illustrated maps of a city or landscape create the same effect without requiring a crowded window seat.
Through the unique perspective of the map illustrations found in a work of cityscape art, you’re able to look down on the best features of a city. You’ll see the picture arranged in the correct positions and scale, but with additional embellishment and character.
Through the map illustrations, you’re presented with an illustrated picture of a city, country or region. Looking down, not only with the physical elements of the landscape be visible in brilliant design and color, but you’ll see other landmarks as well in their distinctive shape or design.
A lazy river may wind through downtown on every map, but only with a cityscape map, is the water depicted surrounded by the impressive structures of downtown in a true three-dimensional depiction.

3D Maps: Three-Dimensional Approaches to Map Illustrations

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map illustrations Map Illustration of Northern Virginia and DC area - Techtopia 2010

Creating a standard map is a matter of marking major elements and roadways. Creating map illustrations is a true form of art.
Through cityscape art, a professional mapmaker and artist uses the true representation of a city or location and through carefully rendered details, adds the elements that bring that region to life.

Illustrated Maps Inspire Creativity

Imagine looking at a map and seeing the towers of the cathedrals depicted beautifully. Or the football stadium of the nearby university? Only through illustrated city maps can you see the curves of the hills, the tallest structures and the trademarks of a specific location.
With your own, say, campus illustrated map, you can create a true vision of your campus or town. Give your readers something fun to look at as they try to follow your travel tales and tips. Wow visitors to your town with a map that is both beautiful and easy to use in all of your promotional and marketing materials.
Stunning cityscape map illustrations can do all of that and more. The map illustration is an artistic snapshot in time – how can you use it?