Illustrated Maps

The Fun and Fascination of College Campus Illustrated Maps

Taking pride in your college campus is truly part of the university experience and wanting to share the positive aspects of the college is easy using campus illustrated maps. A campus map is normally two-dimensional with small boxes showing building on otherwise empty streets. Yet an illustrated campus map is a three dimensional artistic expression of the campus that retains correct locations while adding dimensions and artistic elements.

Illustrated maps
Illustrated Maps
Illustrated maps example: Campus Illustrated Map

Campus Illustrated Maps

In the typical college packet a prospective student receives, there are usually a few varieties of campus illustrated maps. College campus illustrated maps are included on brochures, on hand-outs from different schools within the university and in a general welcome packet. These school campus illustrated maps are straightforward and highly functional. A student looking to get from one building to the next can certainly find her way using traditional university campus maps.
But seeing boring, if highly functional, campus map illustrations doesn’t do much to make the student excited about the campus. Often colleges and universities rely on testimonials and pictures in the brochures to do that. Yet college campus illustrated maps are a powerful tool to showcase the buildings, the school and especially the prominent architectural details of the campus in a large flyer or as a graphic included with other papers in the welcome packet.

Showcasing School Campus Illustrated Maps

Often the 3D campus illustrated maps are so impressive, college administrators elect to use them as artwork on a large scale. It’s not surprising to find yourself in a waiting room in an administration building and find a large scale illustrated campus map on the wall. Often these are complex and fascinated enough that you’ll lose yourself in the details for some time. Seeing your college in such striking detail is truly fascinating.