Hand Drawn Illustrated Maps – Hokkaido

Hand drawn illustrated maps are perhaps some of the most charming kind. Hokkaido is a small Japanese island that is home to the Ainu, the indigenous people of northern Japan. There are only a small number of Ainu remaining, but they have managed to hold on to their roots and stay true to their indigenous culture.
One of the most interesting things about their culture is their traditional “Yukar”, which is a form of “oral literature”. The Hokkaido hold a lot of festivals, religious celebrations and craft fairs. If you want to see a different side of Japan to the high tech, bustling streets of Tokyo, then a visit to Hokkaido is a good way to get a taste of the history and culture of old-fashioned Japan.
These festivals are collected together in Deborah Davidson’s hand-drawn map of Hokkaido. This map illustration is clear, simple and bold. It includes traditional thematic elements such as crabs, shells, and dolphins to highlight water bodies, and uses carefully positioned flowers to highlight cities and festivals. This, combined with the ink lines and bright colors, produces a unique, striking, and easily understandable illustrated map.
As with most illustrated maps, the geography is simplified to preserve a strong and clear style. The key point of this map is to show the locations of the festivals and other cultural attractions that a visitor to the island would be interested in.
This beautiful map also includes a hand-written key that includes a lot of detail about each location. the key is detailed and informative. The penmanship is clean and clear, and adds to the charming flavour of the map.
The artist that created this map also does a number of other hand-drawn art, including Etegami art. If you enjoy their style, you can pick up some of their illustrations on Etsy.

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