Vodafone Qatar Global Village World Map Illustration

World Map Illustration Illustrated Map

This 3D map illustration was created digitally for a 10'x4' billboard and other advertising materials. Below are some photos of an event which did use this map illustration. The event was held at the Villagio Shopping Mall, Doha, Qatar in December 13, 2008 as part of a PR campaign for Vodafone Qatar. It was a treasure hunt for mini jigsaw pieces around the mall which were then brought to the venue at a certain time on that day for prizes and the illustration reveal. The graphic was then built out of 40 giant jigsaw pieces to cover the wall where the Vodafone store will eventually be. The event was very popular.
The Vodafone brochure produced by Origami and featuring this illustration won a silver award for Corporate communications in New Zealand.

"Small" World Illustrated Map

World Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Heys It's a "Small" World Map Illustration

Heys It's a Small World Luggage Set. The World Map Illustration was used for the new fashion luggage set by Heys luggage company.

Vodafone Qatar Global Village

People puttung buillbord/pazzle togather in Qatar.