Illustrated Maps
Illustrated Maps

Panoramic Illustrated Maps: the way birds and hang-glider pilots see landscapes!

We create illustrations views of area and graphic presentations for clients both domestically and internationally. Our images are best described as the product of a creative and skillful combination of geography, architecture, and information; crafted to favorable vantage point. This professional illustrated presentation of a community, campus or facility is the visual expression of the brand – colors, style and position.

Illustrative Techniques.

Illustrative technique often shows a scene as it looks from above at an oblique view ("bird’s view”). Illustrator usually does not draw strict scale to show street or architectural images, isolated constructions and buildings, and main landscape details in prospect. Just as usual aerial view focus on the precise visualization of distances, our illustrative enhances prominent parts of the landscape and possibly combines many scales into the same artwork. This technique gives the person a more customary feeling of identification. With an accenting on objects as well as on style, it comprehends an artistic variety from child's drawing to wonderful landscape graphics; delivering our client’s message via unique cityscape illustration.

Covering great areas map illustrators often are climbing vicinage mountains, trees or other objects to build place which are good to see the view prospects. In the past to improve sales they would often change the reality by, for example, imaging the harbors full of boats, barques and ships, adding supposed building futures and express an active, busy working industry. From of old interesting, perfectly painted, unsurprisingly that those pieces of art are popular decades and centuries later. Today we don’t have to climb trees to get our artistic perspective, but the end product still provides the depth and popularity begun centuries before.

The creative style is an essential.

Today scene illustrator uses the same passion for details and flair for creativity that the original artists captured centuries ago. Creating such illustrated maps for a business center, campus, town or area can capture a moment in time as well as the interest of all who view it. The illustrator knows that her talent for capturing both emotional response and architectural detail is essential. That's why it could easily become the most interesting conversation piece in your boardroom, lobby or media.
Our custom geogrphical presentations range from whimsical to realistic, from 2D site plans to fully rendered bird’s-eye-view map illustrations. Through creative blend of architecture, illustrator’s skill and spatial presentation we design a unique mapart, which is both hand drawn and yet 100% digital.

You will note that our pictorial maps share some traits:
Brooklyn Park Slope Illustrated Map, City Scape Illustrated Map

Illustrated maps

Brooklyn Park Slope bird´s eye view illustrated map
Brooklyn Park Slope birds eye view illustrated map.
The View.
Aerial, or birds-eye, appearance delivers ever more just geographical info; it delivers the visitor a realistic feeling of the region, area or attraction like from a human point of view.
Johns Hopkins University campus Map Illustration

Map Illustrations

map illustrations
Johns Hopkins University campus map illustration.
Each illustrated aerial view includes the images that our clients want to include; and excludes any information which is not relevant to their message.
Bosch Invented for life view Illustrated Map

Illustrated maps

illustrative map
Bosch "Invented for life" bird's eye view.
Illustrator's pen and creative color palette provide color and the warmth to hand-drawn illustrated maps or map illustrations.

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